Introducing “From The Ash – Special Edition” By Joe Kidd

 Joe Kidd 

Residential fires occur every 89 seconds. Property losses have increased by 81% over the last 2 years.

Would you be prepared to lose everything? 

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Joe Kidd is the name that I use for publishing. This enables me to keep my thoughts and opinions as my own. Joe Kidd is also used as the online face of Kidd Consulting, LLC.

The person behind the icon is Joe Bellis  and I have a story to tell.

Several years ago, our family suffered a house fire. It was an experience that I would not wish on anyone. Lost of home, possessions, but unfortunately not injury or loss of life. The were lucky in that regard.

While the experience was frustrating, I thought that I could turn into a learning platform. “From The Ash” is the result of that thought. Companion titles “My Stuff” and “Taking Care of Business” came along a little later.

I believe every homeowner should have all three books.

To that end Kidd Consulting, LLC published “From The Ash – Special Edition” with the content of all 3 titles and priced it as just $19.95 plus shipping and taxes.


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